Thursday, July 17, 2008

Troubling...girl scouts

Beautiful sisters......

I am debating on whether to post this or not. On the one hand, I want this blog to be uplifting, fun, etc, but on the other hand, sometimes I think we need to recognize potential spiritual battles.

Today I read about how the Girl Scouts is teaming with the Ashland Institute for some sort of "empowerment" campaign.

I withdrew Precious out of girl scouts when they were associating themselves with Planned Parenthood.

But this is even more disturbing in a way, as it shows that the girl scouts is continuing a spiral of loss of morals and spiritual grounding. When PP seemed to be involved, parents spoke out, and the gs seemed to change their tune.

Now, however, this is not a side endorsement of a group that is unsound, but rather an unsound group has been paid to develop this model for gs, and the gs is using this group's work to actually revamp the ENTIRE girl scout organization.

The Ashland Institute does something called "transitional awareness". They have also created a special "leadership" program for the girl scouts to use. Here are some of their quotes from both the Ashland Institute and the girl scouts:

"Use a "symbols process" to see each person's current situation from different archetypal perspectives and reshape them to release potential that is emerging"

Only with the Lord can a person see their real current state, and only He can release the potential in the human.

"Facilitators combine the attention of one-on-one relationship with small-group work and the transforming power of the circle. "

What is the transforming power of the circle?? How about the transforming power of the Lord Jesus Christ?

"Research shows that the drive to support girls to conform to acceptable images and to make life choices that are predictable and defer to social expectations overpowers even the most conscientious parents, teachers and mentors"

I think they are referring to motherhood and being a wife.

"We believe that when women are leaders in our world, positive results are achieved—and our world needs more positive results."

Why can positive results happen only when women are leaders in the world? Whatever happened to GOD leading godly men? As the mother of a daughter and a son, married to a noble, godly, honorable man, daughter and sister to two noble, godly, honorable men, that irks me to no end. There is nothing inherently good about either men OR women. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God, and only through JESUS is it that we become good leaders, not through what chromosomes we happen to have.

"And, because the culture of Girl Scouts is so important to the successful implementation of the Core Business Strategy, there is also a gap team that is focused on:
Culture: Leading the transformation of our culture, which is a key component of the broader transformation of Girl Scouts.

"Connect As a Girl Scout connects with others in a global community, she:
Forms caring relationships
Promotes cooperation and team building
Embraces diversity

NOW we are starting to get a clear picture. This is secular humanism infiltrating the girl scouts. This is the door they opened when they eliminated (or at least asterisked) the Lord.

"Girls identify with social groups based on grades. Grouping by grade allows girls to be with peers who share a closer level of emotional and social maturity. "

Girls do that erroneously due to the artificial environment that they are placed in by school. This is not the norm, nor is it good for the mind, body, emotions, or spirit.

The Daisy program has kindergartners exploring "global diversity" (though I am not sure if that is the eco kind or the sociological kind). Brownies have something to do with an elf. Juniors make "peace kits.". Older girl scouts explore "the rich and global history of women's advocacy efforts.".

Where, I ask you, did camp fire building, sewing, baking, fishing, go? When did the girl scouts decide that they are social experimentation centers as opposed to "Let's teach girls how to DO GOOD SKILLS like first aid, budgeting, crafts?".

That "rich and global history of women's advocacy efforts" bothers me. Not because I think we women should be treated poorly, but because it is so obviously a feminist ploy to elevate the woman and demonize the man. Make no mistake, the children WILL absorb the subtle lessons, no matter how godly the home is. Even if they do not embrace these lessons, they will have an impact on the rest of her life! This is not about cookies and jamborees anymore, this is about grooming feminists, encouraging new age practices, over emphasizing self, stripping godly teachings away. While the girls are innocent, and maybe some of the local leaders are innocent, the corporate office knows EXACTLY what it is doing and why.

Now, to delve a bit deeper into the Ashland institute to see what they are (remember, the girl scouts hired them to develop a program which is going to filter down to OUR daughters):

"The Symbols Way process refocuses purpose and direction, grounding insight around next steps, right timing, and movement within a larger context.
At a personal level, The Symbols Way is a way to reflect on your calling, unique to the phase of life you are in. It extracts a gift of personal clarity, rooted in your central core of meaning

This answers my previous question--it is a diamond shaped fabric upon which you place symbols of you present reality. At the website, you see a woman sitting in front of her symbols with hands in a classic eastern meditative pose.


"Attunement is an approach to healing based on the premise that the body is a dynamic self-healing expression of a deeper spiritual self. The intention of Attunement is to assist in shifting the frequency of a client’s personal field into closer alignment with a larger planetary rhythm from which most of us become separated over time. A current of energy is conducted through the hands of the practitioner and meets the same energy in the one receiving, promoting health and well-being at a fundamental level."

The leaders of the Ashland institute are definitely "new age-y": one offers "no touch energy work", one believes in the "transforming power of women's circles", another teaches a course on "presencing" which "means to use your highest Self as a vehicle for sensing,
embodying, and enacting emerging futures", a couple of them were involved in some sort of "worldwide spiritual and educational organization" which is not specified, the last leader is "serves as Elder to the International Women’s Dialogue, Circle of Seven, Chakra Circle, Millionth Circle; and serves as Elder and Guardian of the Soul for The World Cafe, Elder of The Ashland Institute, Board Member of The Community for Sacred Ecology" as well as "recognized as a spiritual elder in the book by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi: FROM AGE-ING TO SAGE-ING. As an Elder Pipe Carrier and practitioner of Creation Spirituality (Medicine Wheel) she is committed to a life that serves life."

These are the people who developed the program that the girl scouts is now REVAMPING their entire structure on. When the gs kicked God out, the enemy moved in, clothed in self, mysticism, "embracing diversity", eliminating the male as any sort of possible "good".

I am sorrowed by this to my soul. These young ladies are being offered to the god of feminism and secular humanism, and they do not know it. They just want to hang out and have fun and learn neat things.

Mothers and fathers, please be careful. A good name does not mean a good program anymore. This is not our or our mother's girl scouts. Look for other things your daughters can be involved in to get the comraderie WITHOUT the new age, feminist, humanist, socialist programs.


LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

I totally agree. So glad you were alert. The girl scouts are funded by United Way (the last I knew) and they have an agenda, subtle as it is. I went once when I was a girl but then my mother decided mothers ought to be doing those things (crafts, games, adventures, etc) with their own daughters.

Judi said...

Well, this is sad to hear, but not surprising, unfortunately. I became quite disillusioned with the Girl Scouts when my daughter was involved in the mid-1990s, and she only participated for one year. It seemed like all we did was sell cookies, and the focus seemed to be on what we could do to support the organization, but I didn't feel like the organization really supported us!