Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bears and Birds and Berries...Oh My!

Beautiful Sisters!

Well, this sure has been an interesting week!

We started with notices regarding a bear sighting in our neighborhood. I called Fish and Game and sure enough, black bear in the area. I asked if this was a particular problem (I mean, besides having a predator as big as me in the yard), and he said "Oh no... they are just done with moose calves, and the berries will not be in for a week or so.". What he is saying is that there is a HUNGRY black bear in our neighborhood...

Am I the only one who thinks this is a problem? I mean, my berries *are* in. And my kids are smaller than moose calves. So I am thinkin this is a problem.

So we spent a few days inside until the call of the berries and enough time past for the shock to wear off, and I have been out trying to pick my strawberries. Today I got this many.......

Until I almost stepped on these!!!

YES! There are two baby birds in a nest in one of the strawberry patches! They did not even make a sound, just held their mouths open whenever I would brush the grass near them. I had wondered why there was a bird chirping at me in the I know!

I will tell you ladies, that I was pretty upset at thinking how close I must have come to stepping on the nest. Plus that nest is right by a sprinkler (which we moved!). It is out in the open, not under a tree. I have no idea what the mom was thinking.

But here is my quandry.....I do not want to disturb the babies or the mom....but I also do not want my berries to go to waste! I am open to any suggestions as to how to make her happy and still get my berries!

Speaking of strawberries, you know how there are a few things that are just kind of "you"? Something that others might not think of, but when you realize it, you also realize that it is important enough to make sure it is part of your life? I am not talking major things, like honor or faith, but rather minor things that others might not think much about.

I have decided that the very idea of having strawberry plants in the walkway to the front door is just "me". I love the idea that there are pretty, happy white flowers waiting to greet people as they come up. I love the idea that a guest might nibble a berry or two while ringing the doorbell. I love the idea of starting hospitality even before I know that someone has arrived! From now on I would like to try to have strawberry plants in a basket or pot or bed right at the front door.

Just thinking about berries at the door sings to my spirit :-)


Susan B said...

Your strawberries look so yummy! I love strawberries. It must be very pretty having your strawberries line the walk to your front door.

Our next door neighbors have a small strawberry patch along the property between our homes (we live in the suburbs). They let us pick them whenever we want, so they won't go to waste. They are so good.

arrowsparrow said...

Thank you Susan!!

The strawberries that I have in the planters near the door are still very small...I bought cultivars instead of transplanting my own. However, that is one of the projects this summer--reshuffle the plants in my yard to new homes :).

There are three different sizes of strawberries in the yard, and I must say, when I use the little tiny ones and make tarts, it is adorable because they look like REAL pies that have been miniaturized!