Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Precious Heart

Beautiful Sisters....

What an evening this has been for me and my daughter....

While unloading dishes, I cut my thumb. Not life threatening but boy it stings! Following in the footsteps of the most stoic person I know, I wrapped my thumb in a paper towel to continue making supper. I kinda wanted sympathy of some sort (in the form of "Oh mom, we will finish unloading the dishes for you!"). However what I got was Precious not even looking away from the TV as she said "Well, don't bleed on the dishes". XSIGHX!!!!!!

However, after a phenomenal meal of a modified caprese salad (instructions above), I went to put up cherries that I had bought last week. They were on sale for either 4 or 6 dollar a lb (I cannot remember which--I either bought 4 lbs at $6 or 6 lbs at $4 a lb). Every day I have been trying to get around to putting up the cherries in the freezer, but as I mentioned previously, this week has been all about painting, celebrations, etc.

So this evening I went to put them up and found them moulded. I was BEYOND irritated, I was crushed. All that money wasted! I wanted to cry but couldn't. Wonder Sweetie tried to console me, but I would have none of it, tbh. I was frustrated at Alaska for the high prices, frustrated at how I want to be more productive in the garden, but have such little time due to our short growing season, frustrated with myself, frustrated with the store, just all over frustrated. The nobler part of me tried to remember that everything happens for a reason (which I do firmly believe) and that the Lord provides (which I know) but I was not having any logic either. I just wanted to be mad, and to have Wonder Sweetie breeze in and say "Oh I forgot to mention, we are moving somewhere in the south....".
I grumbled about the waste of that money out loud. Apparently Precious overheard me mention that the cherries were $20. After I put up the grapes (that were slightly less per lb, but still pricey, BUT did not mould), Precious handed me a homemade envelope "for the cherries". I opened it up...she gave me $20 from her own money!

Now, of course I could not take her money at all**, but I just thought that was so sweet. It also made me think of my irritation, my reaction, and that little pitchers have big ears (grin).
I thank the Lord for the Precious Heart who lives in my house :-).

(**I know that she gave from the heart and I did not want her to think that her offering was being rejected, so I told her that instead of me taking her $20, that maybe she would just allow me not to pay her the $5 I owe her for her secretarial duties last week. She agreed, but I am still thinking of slipping her the $5 later...I do not want to dismiss her charity, and therefore damage her giving spirit, but I also do not want her to suffer for my lack of planning.)