Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Song lyrics

Even if we are very mature, responsible adults now, most everyone has something that they hold on to from when they were young. Some older women might still collect dolls, some men might like to still play with trains, SHAW really enjoys what she calls "nursery food", etc.

I have realized that I cannot shake the incredibly 7th grade habit of finding a song lyric for things in my life. My life is, essentially, one big musical. I almost never listen to music for the instruments, but rather for the lyrics. I actually have a cd that has my life "Part One" with songs that actually document the events of my life. I have songs for each child, a WHOLE playlist for Wonder Sweetie and me, songs for my life in Alaska, songs for my college years, songs for various friends, etc. (And when I do not have a song that fits specifically, I tend to make one up.)

I will offer an example of how my life just BEGS to be set to music....when the Wonder Sweetie and I were dating, there was a place not too far from my apartment that sold the BEST onion rings. I happen to be positively batty about onion rings, so we got them often. For $3.18 we got enough onion rings to fill two of those large styrofoam to-go boxes (they were VERY thick rings). We would call ahead, pick them up, then bring them back to the apt to watch M.A.S.H. videos.

Now what song would come out around then? The song with lyrics that go "I said honey let's just go on home and have some onion rings and watch tv....". It is a bit disconcerting to have such a minute detail of your life playing on all the country stations!

So what about y'all? Any songs that fit a time in your life that you think about? OR do you have a habit from youth that still stays with you?

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Kayla said...

OH!!! I'm DYIN' here!!! Too funny!