Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Lord Brings A New PA

Now, there are many hidden blessings in this process, but this is a big huge one: our regular PA, the one who told TWS that he had allergies, was unavailable, so TWS got an appointment with a different PA. This fellow was older, serious, and most of all, LISTENED.

TWS told him the “regimen” I had put him on. The PA seemed interested and asked if I had medical training. TWS told him “No, but she is a hobbyist.” (gee thanks hon! Hee hee!).

The PA explained that he usually had a few “tiers” of medicine he used to try to treat these sorts of things. The first was a mild antibiotic (for sinus infection) and antihistamine. The next was a stronger antibiotic, etc. However, after listening to TWS talk about his symptoms, he decided to try one round of strong antibiotics, coupled with zyrtec, and see if that helped.

Ten days later, he was no better. Thank the Lord, the PA “just knew” that something did not seem right and decided to send him for a CT scan of his sinuses instead of trying more medicines. Talking to the PA later, he said that it was the vision changes that were out of place with an allergy attack. This was one of the most obvious, God-driven steps that the Lord had arranged which led us to a diagnosis.

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