Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Lord Brings An Angel

Soon a tech came with a wheelchair and put TWS into it. He said that he was being taken to the emergency room. The neurosurgeon, Dr. Ha, had wanted TWS med evac’d ASAP to Seattle.

It was odd in the ER… people kept asking him how he felt. Had he had any seizures? No, no seizures. We found out later that most people find out they have this after coming to the ER with seizures or in a coma, apparently. TWS was the picture of health, though with occasional bad headaches. We had just put a deck on the playhouse a week or so before this started!

As we sat in the ER, he gave me a list of things for me to run home and get for him. I did not want to leave him, of course, but I also wanted to do a good job. I took copious notes. We did not talk about "what if", we just talked about "need for Seattle", and most of that was just clothes and entertainment like the laptop, the ipod, etc. We did not have much time--I was not sure what time the med evac plane was going to arrive. It was entirely possible that I might not make it back in time and would have to carry his things with me to Seattle.

I gave him a kiss and headed out to pack him up.

Walking to my car, I called Major Rowland. I did not know exactly how to bring everything up, how to say “He has a brain tumor and is being med evac’d”. I remember that I was fairly calm, but my hands were shaking as I looked for something to write with. I was irritated that I could not find a pencil to write down her numbers--I carry a large backpack filled with everything from my wallet to an inflatable beach ball, but I could not find a freaking PEN?? That was ridiculous!

I did find a pencil but it was broken, so I squatted down and scraped it on the concrete to try to sharpen it there in front of the hospital. I made a note to always keep pens in my purse.

Talking to her was so weird, so….I don’t know. It was not bad, but I mean, this is major news and we do not get practice in our lives of how to deliver these things, you know? However, she immediately jumped into nurture mode for me and for TWS. She also jumped into logistics mode and intel mode (smile).

I must praise the Lord for such an honorable woman. She was instrumental in making sure I had a car, a plane ticket, a hotel, everything. She did all the things that I would have NO idea how to start doing, and had no time to do. She ended up being the gatekeeper, not giving out my number unless she thought the people had a VERY good reason to call and would not disturb me. She was a blessing and a mercy and an angel. I praise the Lord over and over for her. I hope she understands what she has done for us, how the Lord used her mightily. It might not seem mighty to her, but to a woman whose life just got up-ended, she was an angel.

I could not leave the parking lot until I got off the phone with her--rules of the base about not driving with a cell. That also meant that I could not call anyone else until after I got off base. That gave me a little time to think and pray, which I was thankful for. I will be honest, I have no idea what I prayed. It was not one of those prayers that feel like true communion with the Lord, I do not think. I think it was probably more scattered and distracted. I do not know, I can't remember. I would hope that it was a mighty prayer said in full assurance of faith, but I am pretty sure it was half prayer, half random thoughts in my head.

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