Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My wonderful sisters!

Here are some pictures of the soap I made (yes I am pretty picture happy today, but with the strivings it took to get the white box set up, I figured I wanted to make the most of it!)

In the past, when I sold soap, I put the soap in muslin drawstring bags. I learned something very important this time: my packaging was all wrong with the bags! I was pretty much out of bags and decided instead to wrap the soap in wax paper. I thought it would make the bars look soft and pretty. I cannot TELL you how much I think that did to sell the soap. One person even said that they bought the soap JUST because of the packaging!

I needed a way to decorate the wax paper. Precious and I spent an inordinate amount of time in JoAnn's trying to find good stickers while TWS and Little Man had gone to the sporting good store. When they got to JoAnn's, they both helped us look for stickers and TWS found these! I should have made him go shop for stickers while I went to the sporting goods store!

This is a stack of the soap that came back with me. I sold out of one scent, so that is not in there.

A close up of the wrapping. Let me just say that wrapping these soaps was a BLAST! I have no idea why, but it just REALLY appealed to me to be making such delicate folds, smelling the sweet scent of the soap. Honestly I have decided that any soap I make I would like to wrap, even if it is for our family! I need to get more stickers though....

This is my "Kaleido-soap". I made the rest of the soap (4 scents) and chopped them down to size (at least 4 oz. Since my scale might not be precise, I add a bit extra, but the bars are advertized as 4 oz).
Anyway, that meant that I had lots of different colored scraps. I put them in some more soap to get a multi-color effect.
Another selling gaffe: I ended up with a lot more soap in this batch, so I cut the bars into different shap (thicker and narrower), but they are the same weight. However, I think people saw the difference in size and thought it was smaller than the other bars. Oh well, live and learn :-)

More soap

We had wonderful company over for shooting archery and eating on Sunday (we put a tiny little ten yard range in the garage). I wanted to put some decor in the bathroom, so I got this bowl, a bottle of crushed bath fizzie from a local lady (it smells like blueberries and just makes me happy each time I smell it!), as well as a locally hand made glass ball, and some of my soap. I thought it made a really pretty little bowl. I set this on the sink with some other pretties.
That was our day at the bazaar! I had a blast making the aprons, I had a blast making (and wrapping!) the soap, and I had a blast hanging out with Precious! I am thankful for the opportunity that the Lord offered us!
God bless you!
PS Again with the formatting! Those soap pictures have a whole nother third that is not showing in the blog. I also put "small" pictures as a choice, and it made big huge ones. I have NO idea what the deal is...I have not done anything differently than when I have posted pictures in the past. xsighx. Well at least you get the idea!


Susan B said...

Your soaps came out very pretty. I'm glad that they sold well, and that you were able to spend the time with your daughter.

I have two daughters. They are both in their 20's, and are busy with work and school. I am thankful for the time I am able to spend with them. God bless.

arrowsparrow said...

Thank you so much! I was tickled that they sold. I am glad that I brought some home though--it is getting SUPER dry here and I pack a ton of shea butter and oil in the soaps (store soaps tear me up in the winter!). That way I have some to use at home too, as well as some Christmas presents.

I did enjoy spending some time with Precious. I was also thankful how the Lord worked in her life in such an obvious and simple way. It reinforced my faith as much as it did hers!

Ace said...

Love the pretty packaging. It is amazing, but yes, many people choose one product over another simply because of packaging. In fact, many will pay MORE for the same quality product as another product...because of the packaging. Especially women.

We are suckers for the cute stuff, especially if there is something "free" on attached.

Many Blessings ;)