Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bits and Pieces....

My wonderful, beautiful sisters!!!

Just a few bits and pieces....

1) The Bazaar: ACK! Only three more days to work on the aprons!!! :-) I almost have enough aprons done to take pictures of, if anyone is still interested in seeing them.
--After I had been scouring Jo Ann's for I have no idea HOW long, The Wonder Sweetie found some stickers that will be perfect for sealing the soap for the bazaar.
--Precious heart has her earrings she is going to sell all bagged, and her hand lettered, crayoned sign all ready (she is such a cutie pie!). She is REALLY excited!

2) Nuts for donuts!! I made donuts the other morning with biscuit dough. I am sure everyone does this, and I have done it before, but I had forgotten how easy and cheap it was! Everyone loved them and they will save us a ton of money (we like donuts on Saturday morning ). I made chocolate icing, glaze, and maple. The chocolate did not turn out right--I think we need some chocolate flavoring in there to REALLY make it a good, deep chocolate flavor. Or maybe just a bit of coffee to sharpen the flavor some....Any suggestion? The maple and the glazed were a HUGE hit though.

3) Prayers Please! Need prayers for a cousin's husband of mine and their family. He was hunting in a tree stand, fell out, and broke both ankles and both wrists, as well as various other bones!! He had taken a class on how to fall, but that does not help when you are that far up. He was alone and had to crawl on his elbows and knees to get to his truck!!! God have mercy! He was medevac'd out and is recovering, but I know that the road is going to be tough for this active man. Please pray blessings, peace, quick healing, and calmness on him, my cousin, and their children.
**NOTE! Tell your men to WEAR A HARNESS when hunting in tree stands! There are THREE (count em, three) men between my family and The Wonder Sweetie's who have fallen out and have had serious injury over the years. No excuse not to wear a harness.

4) A Toasty Fire I think today is PERFECT for stoking up the woodstove! It is zero degrees this morning!!! We had a Chinook (a warm wind) blow through on Saturday, melting our previous snow. Then it started snowing that night, so we have at least 4 inches of fresh new snow!

5) Calories Wanted! What are the most calorie packed foods you can think of? Little Man just came off of a growth spurt, so his eating is way back down. But he keeps growing UP, not OUT and he is rail-thin. Maybe it is winter coming, or maybe the southern mother in me that wants to see him a little more healthy, but I am determined to get a pound or two on him.

6) Your Name Is Safe In Our House-- I have that posted on my desk, and I reread it this morning. It is such a wonderful thought--that even when you are not at someone's house, that you are still "safe" from gossip or slander. I have it posted because it convicts me to make sure that I am not gossipping (even in the name of "information" or "venting" or whatever).

7) Election Selection: Ladies, make your choices of who you are going to vote for in ANY election CAREFULLY. Do not be swayed by words, nor by party lines. The Bible says that by their fruits you shall know them--look to the fruits of those whom you are considering and see if they are godly or not. Of course, no one is perfect, but there are some issues that are just "deal breakers" in terms of what the Word says.
We all have special issues that we want addressed, but we cannot allow ourselves to be persuaded by words that we want to hear--we have to make sure that we are not like the weak willed women in the Bible who are gullible (2Tim 3:6), nor like those who have itching ears (2 Tim 4:3). We women CAN be especially swayed by emotions, so we have to be EXTRA careful to use sound doctrine in everything. Do research on any and all candidates from president of the PTA to president of the USA.
As for me, I have not decided who to vote for. I know a few whom I cannot vote for due to research I have done, but do not know who I might vote for.

Have a wonderful day ladies! God bless you all!!


Susan B said...

I hope that the bazaar went well for you, and you sold lots of soap and aprons!

I am sorry to hear about your husband's cousin. I will pray that he will soon start healing, and peace for him, and his family.

I have been praying about the election and the outcome.

God bless.

Ace said...

I will pray for that poor man, wow, what a warrior to crawl like that. I scream when I break a nail!
Please post your donut recipe, I have no idea how to make them and I don't know how to make the icing.

Many Blessings :)

arrowsparrow said...

The donuts are a snap! I buy the CHEAPEST biscuit dough I can find (usually the 4 pack that is about $1.60 here).

I make a cut in the center of each raw biscuit to make a hole then put my fingers in the hole to expand it a little (otherwise the hole closes up). Then I throw them in a fry daddy for about 1 minute a side (they cook SUPER quick!!!). If you do not have a fry daddy, a small pot with oil in it can be used.

The frostings are made without a recipe. I just melt about 2-3 tablespoons of butter in a large cereal bowl. I put whatever extract I want in the bowl (maple, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, orange--whatever you like!). Put each flavor in its own bowl of course! So if you have 3 flavors, you will have three bowls, each with 2-4 Tbls of melted butter in them)

I then dump powdered sugar in there (maybe 1-2 cups? Whatever will fit). Stir. It will probably be too stiff to incorporate so you add milk. THIS is the tricky part. You need VERY LITTLE MILK to dissolve powdered sugar! I mean, start with a teaspoon. Then add maybe another teaspoon or two. Stir after each time until it is the consistency you want.

If it gets too runny, just put more powdered sugar in there. (But be careful, I have accidentally ended up with 4 cups of icing before because I was impatient with the milk and the sugar!)

Let the donuts cool on some papertowels before trying to frost. I frost by dipping the tops in the icing instead of trying to spread icing.

Easy as can be! We found that two cans of biscuits were PLENTY for our donut loving family. And the dough lasts for a long time, so one four pack would make us donuts on two saturdays.

I have to say this--be careful with hot oil! I TRULY think that cooking the donuts is too dangerous for children--that is a LOT of hot oil in one place. Keep the handles of the pots turned toward the back, and cook the donuts on the back burner if there are children around.

Try them though, they are great and SO inexpensive!