Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a thought....sound mind vs emotion

Just a thought.....

The Lord gave us a sound mind. He also gave us emotions. However, our society has placed emotion above soundness of mind, which, I believe, has led to many of the problems we face today-- personal, mental, and societal.

Women, particularly, have been given emotions to tend to the ill, the child, the elderly. However, we also tend to dwell in our emotions, taking offense where none was intended, relying on worry instead of faith, fretting instead of working the problem, relying on what we "feel" instead of what we "know".

Let's use our sound mind, wisdom, as a guide, not our emotions. Use our emotions to minister to others, but use our sound mind to work problems and to keep us from developing bad mental and emotional habits.

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Mrs. Wayne Hunter said...


I got the link to your blog from your Eielson homeschool group message about the flu.

I have looked through your blog some and it looks like you and I have a whole lot in common!

If I am not mistaken, I read on one of your homeschool group posts that your family independently homeschools; if so, we have a local group called the North Star Independent Homeschoolers that you are welcome to join - here's the link .

Nikki Hunter