Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Involuntary Quarantine

Hello my brethren,

One point I want to make: the US is already implementing quarantine for people suspected of having swine flu. As far as I know, they are being quarantined in their own homes. This is good, actually, and normal for a situation such as this, HOWEVER it also is a good reminder to have food and medicine at home. Stay home if you are sick. Do not push it. If you have been around others who were symptomatic with the flu, then stay home for a few days if you can, as you can pass the germ before you feel symptoms.

I might be repeating myself, but I would also suggest buying a few trinkets for the children in the family. Stickers, pretty pencils, balloons, whatever you think would bring a smile to their faces. Some candy for the whole family might not be bad either. Think of necessity first, of course, but also think of emotional "helps".

If there is flu in your area, I would recommend cancelling whatever you can. I have read, but am not positive, that sinus rinses can help prevent illness as they literally wash out the flu before it can establish itself. I would think it certainly worth a try, and we plan to do so when the flu hits closer to us.

I would also consider things such as vitamin D as there are anecdotal reports that higher vitamin D might help prevent illness. Again, this is one of those "can't hurt, might help" things. You can get vitamin D drops (one drop per person per day).

Sambucol (elderberry tincture) has been clinically proven in scientific trials to reduce the risk of contracting influenza A. You can make your own, or buy it. Most health food stores should have it.


Anonymous said...

Hi There! I was going to buy some Sambucol, but am suddenly allergic to blueberries and cranberries! Guess I can buy it for my family. Can you believe it, I am 39 and this happened Sunday night, my left jaw swelled...I freaked out, and went into panic mode, all I could think was what if my throat swells shut?!

thanks for posting all about the flu! am enjoying/learning from~Cathy

Dart Budgie said...

Hey Cathy,

Sambucol is elderberry, not blue or that MIGHT mean you could take it. Might not want to risk it though.

If you can get your hands on an epi pen, you probably need to have one or two around. I have heard of first responders carrying primatene mist for the same reason, though they stopped manufacturing it here. Some places might still carry it, but it would be behind the counter.

You might try taking vitamin D--there is an anecdotal report that that might help. Also there was a report from someone who was supposedly a physician who listed two other things to try. I am going to see tomorrow if they are reasonable suggestions on his part and then post them.

Glad you are ok!!!