Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Lord's majesty in autumn

My beautiful, wonderful sisters!!!

Auumn is HERE in Alaska. The leaves are falling like snow (making my kitty crazy!), and yesterday looked like a good day to take some pictures to show y'all. I am working on finding contentment and peace where I am, when I am, how I am, and this is part of it...by recognizing the glory of God all around me!

I wish these pictures had come out just a little bit better....I cannot describe the golden color here. When the sun is out, especially, it looks like you are walking in the heart of the sun, as everything is positively glowing with gold light. Even the white fence and trim of the house looks luminescent! Unfortunately, my camera skills are not adequate enough to show how truly beautiful it looks, but at least here is an idea :)

Spruce and paperbark birch

The moose trail

Autumn road

Strawberry plants in fall

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