Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Or "Welcome to the chaotic mess that *IS* my brain...."

You ever just do something stupid?

I awoke after a bad dream (still trying to figure out if the dream was significant or if it was just a dream). In the dark, eerie, timeless, half sleep, I realized that the furnace man was coming in the morning to check the furnace. I was SO thankful I had remembered, because I would have been tempted to sleep in! BOY! And to think that usually I forget appointments until Precious reminds me!!

I padded into the plant room at about 4 am and see that, yes, I have it written down that he is due at 930 am. I am a severely behind on my laundry, and the furnace is in the laundry room, so I decided I would get up early to do laundry. I had considered staying up, but frankly I was too tired, so I made sure my alarm was set and tried to go back to sleep.

So it is 630ish, and I awake before my alarm. I am obsessed with the thoughts of getting things done before the furnace guy comes. I am so tired that I keep falling asleep in my prayers. I wonder how much time I really need to wash 5 loads of laundry....scratch that, HIDE 5 loads of laundry. Thank the Lord that the house was presentable from our weekend company! I even remind TWS to make sure the furnace guy has a straight path in the garage to that furnace, and TWS assures me that he will make it happen BEFORE he has to go to work.

I get ready for the furnace guy to come, make sure the boy is awake and doing homeschool. I make myself presentable. 930 passes and he is not there. But he sometimes runs behind. I help little man with homeschool and realize it is 11 am and he still is not there. I go up and call him while he is on another job and say "I thought we had an appointment on the 27th at 930 am?". He says "Yes, on Wednesday." I pause for a moment before that sinking "No, sparrow, YOU are the idiot" realization hits the pit of my stomach. With the furnace guy sounding nice, but busy, I stammered what I hope was something reasonably coherent (though I cannot remember what it was) and hang up.

I realize that all day I have been thinking that it was BOTH Tuesday AND Wednesday! I KNEW it was Tuesday because the kids have art today. I KNEW it was Wednesday because I am positively brilliant at 4 in the morning (no, not really!) and because the furnace guy is supposed to come and because for once I did not forget it, so it HAD to be Wednesday.


WHY did my brain not connect the thoughts of "Tuesday art class" and "Wednesday furnace guy"?? Why did it become "Tuesdayfurnacewednesdayclassguyart"??

Apparently my brain is just mush, and now the furnace guy knows it too--up til now it had just been the secret of me and TWS (um, and my mom, SHAW, my daughter, my father, my wonderful grand-neighbor down the street....and everyone I had spoken to in the past 6 months).

Blast it, now I have to find a new furnace guy who does not know that I am an idiot. Which is a harder task than it sounds...there are not THAT many furnace guys in town. They are all eventually going to realize that my brain spends most of its time saying "Oooh!!! Butterflies!!!"

And to think I could have slept in!

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