Saturday, August 9, 2008

Putting some by!!!

My sisters, loved by God!

Our ancestors knew the wisdom of "putting some by". It is wise to gather in times of plenty, so that there will be provision in times of leanness. For example, I have a friend who stored many dried goods, canned goods, toiletries. That became invaluable when her husband lost his job and was out of work for almost a year! Having food on hand means you can save a GREAT deal of money. Plus, I just love the feeling of having TWS say "Are we out of xyz?" and being able to go to the pantry and grab another box or bottle! If we get sick (you know how the flu will go around a household with children!), I do not have to try to drag out, infecting everyone in the store, to get tylenol or tissues. If an unforeseen expense comes up (for example, a tire blowing or an appliance breaking), we can use my grocery money for that without batting an eye. It is also wonderful to have extra during times when you know things will be more expensive, such as during Christmas, or vacations.

Plus, we can see how, if we had bought extra flour, for example, last winter, we would be able to avoid the high prices right now!!

Let's use the summer to store food for the winter. Buying in season is more healthful, cheaper, and frankly the food tastes better!

We do have wild blueberries up here, but the summer has been a bad one for berries. I bought blueberries that had come out of Canada, and the strawberries were my own.

This picture is of the berries after I have washed them, put them on saran wrap on cookie sheets and frozen them. The white on the strawberries is ice :-).

These are the bagged, frozen fruit ready to be vacumm sealed, baked into goodies, dehydrated, or canned at a later time (frankly, they will probably just be put on pancakes or in muffins!). If I am diligent about gathering produce in the summer, and frugal with its use in the winter, it generally lasts me until the next summer. I have done this with everything from collards to watermelon (the watermelon is PHENOMENAL!).

Please consider "going to the ant" and taking the time now to can, dehydrate, freeze, or juice the wonderful, fresh, local produce you can get. We trust in the Lord to take care of us, but part of that care is being diligent in the provisions as they come (something I mess up sometimes, unfortunately!).

If you have any questions, please ask! :-)

Have a blessed day!


Aelwyn said...

You wouldn't happen to have any "fancy" canning recipes for carrots would you?

arrowsparrow said...
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arrowsparrow said...


I must say that I have not canned much in my life. For years I was afraid of giving everyone botulism, so I just stuck with freezing and drying.

All I know about carrots is that they must be pressure canned, not water bath, due to botulism. I wish I could help!

The one thing I would suggest is the Ball Blue Book of canning (I think it is called). You probably already have that though.

The extension offices up here are GREAT though, from what I have seen so far. They might could help. :-)

Domestically Inclined said...

Don't you just love the way the fruits of your labor blesses your family!
I just did some of this but still have to post my pics. BUT I had never thought of doing this with watermelon. Do you freeze it the same way? What is the texture of the watermelon when it thaws? Is it good for eating or to use in protein shakes? TIA~ Lady