Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life in Alaska

Sometimes people want to know what life is like in Alaska. I thought I would post some interesting things when they come up...

1. Three of the waitstaff at Chili's seemed to be native least that was their first language. There are a lot of people of Russian descent here, which is very interesting to me!

2. The Wonder Sweetie and I went to an extremely nice jewelry store for our anniversary present, and heard the very mild mannered manager fellow and a saleslady discussing with a customer what caliber of bullet is best for bear attacks. Yes, that is actually something to consider. We had a griz sow and two cubs a couple of doors down from us several years ago.

3. Fireworks (even the really good ones!) are legal in Alaska, at least in most places. However, there is ENTIRELY too much light to enjoy them much this time of year. I think we are just going to get the ones that release little paper parachutes for the kids to catch, and save the really great fireworks for the New Years (the other time they are allowed to sell fireworks).

4. How light is it this time of year? Well at the darkest point of night, it is just like an overcast daytime where you live--it has been impossible to see stars for at least a month or two. We are losing a great deal of light every day, though we will not notice it for several weeks yet. At this time of year the sun rises at 3 something am and sets the following morning after midnight (that cracks me up that the sun does not SET until the following day!). The picture above is at 2:30 am during a would be lighter if it was not raining so hard! It is hard to tell, but it is light enough to read. If i can get a better picture, I will.)

5. We do not have a lottery, we have the Nenana Ice Classic, where you bet when the Tanana river ice will break up.

This is the first installment of "Life in Alaska". If you have any questions, please let me know! I love talking about Alaska.

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Lady-in-the-Making said...

Wow, I can't imagine living as far North as Alaska! This is the furthest north I have ever lived and I'm in southwest Florida! LOL!!!! I love your posts - it's like a whole different world from where I am. :) (I adore cold weather.)

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for your insightful, helpful, encouraging comments on my blog. Your comments brought tears to my eyes and I am so grateful to God for you. Thank you sincerely.